AAIE exhibition, Roma


Abitudine Artistica - Ideologia Eccellente is the new exhibition curated by AAIE that, from 8 September to 2 October 2022, presents more than one hundred works by 38 artists from AAIE's collection, some of them exhibited for the first time in the world, reflecting art as attitude and habit. The exhibition includes abstract paintings, installations, videos and sculptures related to conceptual art and community art projects, as well as some realist works. Alongside the works by Primarosa Cesarini Sforza, Pierluigi Berto and Franco Ciuti, who regularly feature in AAIE's exhibition list, works by Emanuela Lena and Zhang Haoye will make their debut. Creations that not only reflect the process of research and collection of contemporary art undertaken by AAIE in recent years, but at the same time testify to the institution's efforts to find new values and meanings within the active contemporary art scene. Paintings, sculptures, videos, drawings, music and poetry manifest the rich variety of media the artists engage with, likewise the heterogeneous backgrounds of the artists China, Korea, Japan, India, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, to name but a few, lead us beyond the established definitions of identity, knowledge, rationality and nationality, prompting us to think about how to reach the soul rather than fitting into a certain programmed mindset, leading and inspiring the viewer to an infinite number of macroscopic perspectives.

Vernissage: Sep 8, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Exhibition: SEP 09 - OCT 2, 2022; Tuesday to sunday, 2 to 7 p.m.

Exhibiting artists:
Vanshika Agrawal ++ Fiamma D'Auria ++ Gian Paolo Berto ++ Pier Luigi Berto ++ Primarosa Cesarini Sforza ++ Tommaso Cascella ++ Beatrice Cignitti ++ Franco Ciuti ++ Mario Cerrone ++ Lea Contestabile ++ Angelo Antonio Falmi ++ Seung Wan Park ++ Ferdinando Fedele ++ Marco Ferri ++ Zhonghao Feng ++ Xintong Gao ++ Burkhard von Harder ++ Zhe Huang ++ Huiming Hu ++ Oriana Impei ++ Hans-Hermann Koopmann ++ Emanuela Lena ++ Donglai Meng ++ Matthias Omahen ++ Maria Pia Picozza ++ Massimo Ruiu ++ Yuji Sugimoto ++ Marilena Sutera ++ Xueling Ulan ++ Antonio Virzì ++ Yuxiang Wang ++ Andi Zhang ++ Haoye Zhang ++ Su Zhang ++ Weizhou Zhang/Na Zhang ++ Jieyu Zheng ++ Xu Zhu

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